OpenSearch Suggest typeahead with ng-suggest

OpenSearch Suggestions is supported by all major browser and many search engines and other websites. Suggest services are used for providing autocomplete functions for search queries, a prevalent feature in todays internet experience. This demo showcases the implementation of some OpenSearch Suggest services in web sites and applications with AngularJS module ng-suggest.


Geonames ( provides a lot of data for geographic places. This includes coordinates and markings on a map, as well as other contextual information.

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Description: {{example[0].item.description}}
URL: {{example[0].item.url}}


GN250 contains data from the German Federal Agency for Cartography and Geodesy. The entries are contextualized by a type, for example "Landschaft" (landscape).

Description: {{example[1].item.description}}
URL: {{example[1].item.url}}


The GND is the integrated authority file of the german Nationalbibliothek. It provides standardized data records concerning persons, corporate bodies, congresses, geographic entities, topics and works.


Wikipedia provides an OpenSearch Suggest API as well.


RVK via RVK api

Lobid-API: Subjects

GND subjects via

Lobid-API: People

GND people via